AAPOS Supplemental Screening Kit

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AAPOS Supplemental Screening Kit

AAPOS Supplemental Screening Kit

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  • Spiral-bound, multisided, near eye charts with attached 16-inch cord.

    • Sloan Letters for when children know their letters.

    • LEA SYMBOLS® for preschoolers and for children who do not yet know their letters.

  • Full-Line Threshold and Single-Line Critical Line formats:

    • Threshold screening involves beginning at the top of an eye chart and moving down the chart until the child or adult misses 3 of 5 optotypes.

    • Critical line screening is using only the line which the child or adult should correctly identify 3 of 5 optotypes according to age.

      • Children ages 3 and 4 years should correctly identify 3 of 5 optotypes on the 20/40 line.

      • Children aged 5 years and older, and adults, should correctly identify 3 of 5 optotypes on the 20/32 line.

  • Adhesive occlusion patches.

  • Black hand-held flip paddle occluder for children aged 10 and older and adults who will not tolerate patches.

  • Children’s Fun Frames Occluder Glasses for children under age 10 years who will not tolerate patches.

  • Random Dot Butterfly stereopsis test with intermediate-sized polarized glasses.

  • 16-Plate pseudoisochromatic color vision test.

  • Instructions printed on eye chart card.

  • School Nurse Vision Screening Tutorial DVD created by Kathy Lee, MD, PhD, for the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Leadership Development Project, which rolled out at NASN in 2010 and now includes a Spanish version.

  • DVD with:

    • Vision Screening Results Reporting Form to copy and distribute to individuals undergoing screening.

      • Information included on Reporting Form describes the importance of a follow-up eye exam to copy and distribute to parents/guardians when their children do not pass vision screening or are untestable on multiple rescreens.

More information can be found at American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (link address: http://www.aapos.org)